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About Kursalon Vienna

Kursalon Hübner famously Called kursalon is a music hall in Vienna, Austria which has been created and constructed by Johann Garben at 1867. The hall is designed in the style of Italian Renaissance and it's found in the center of town centre park of Vienna. In previous days Kursalon Vienna simply served as a location for people to drink mineral water. But as a result of flourishing tourist industry and increased competition this altered entirely. The very first ever concert which was held in kursalon has been conducted by Johann Strauss at 1868. This directed kursalon to turn into the area of meetings and concerts along with also the very first individual ever to rent this location was a man named Hans Hubner therefore the final name Hubner.

Fantastic festivals held in Kursalon Vienna

In late 1990s that the Kursalon Vienna was bought by Hubner family in the town authorities. Now Kursalon has become one of the Significant tourist attractions with roughly 500 Concerts held annually with over 200,000 visitors. Not Just the concerts of Mozart, Strauss, etc is performed here but Additionally It Is popular for extravagant Balls, parties and weddings. It's four ballrooms on 2 floors with a Spacious terrace and an incredible restaurant.

The Strauss concert Vienna which is held in Kursalon have enchanting feel to it. This Is the area where Johann Strauss himself directed his orchestra that provides you the Feeling of being a part of history. The Wonderful music and Amazing melodies is Performed by famous Salonorchester Alt Wien along with opera singers and ballet dancers. The run time of this concert is two hours including 15 minutes of intermission. The Vienna opera tickets Are offered in four tiers VIP, A, B, and C. The VIP packages contain glass of Champagne during intermission that's priced at 99 Euros. Other ticket cost Ranges from 69 to 59 to 45 Euros.

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