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How to Buy Cheap Vienna Opera Tickets



Someone once said that listening to opera sound is the most expensive sound ever. However, in today’s world, it is not true. A little tight budget cannot stop you from listening to the magical sound of the orchestra. Many consider Vienna as the music capital of the world. Listening to one of its amazing orchestra concerts is like a dream come true. However, this legendry performance by renowned musicians can be a little expensive. In this article, we will guide you to book cheapest Vienna opera tickets.


Let us inform you that there is three major opera house in Vienna. It includes Staatsoper, Volksoper, and theatre an der Wien. All of these opera houses sell two figure cheap seats that you can buy. The drawback is that these opera houses do not have unlimited capacities. You need to buy these tickets as soon as possible. Out of all the opera houses, the most popular is Staatsoper. All of these opera houses have a prebooking system. Some of these start-selling tickets just after season previews are out. You can get cheap tickets even before one month of the orchestra. However, that is like a lottery, if you get it then you are in luck! 


You can also opt for standing only tickets. You can watch the entire opera, but you won’t get the seat. However, you don’t have to worry. The venues as Staatsoper provides upholstered so that you can learn and get support. Not only that, but they also provide you with small monitors for English subtitles. You can get these tickets an hour before the performance or there you might want to pre-book the tickets. If there is a very exclusive artist performing in the evening you want to go, then you must buy the standing ticket as soon as possible. 


Alternatively, in the worst situation where you can’t get your hands on any tickets, you can opt for live screening opera. On selected dates of April, May, June, and September, many opera performances are screened live outside the opera house. You can also enjoy that. In this way, you can choose the cheapest Vienna opera tickets.


Things to know about Strauss and Mozart concert



Many people especially today's youths, love to listen to music and enjoy themselves dancing in music concerts at the weekend. Kursalon Vienna is just the right place for them. It is a place where visitors are entertained by excellent orchestras and great music concerts like the strauss and mozart concert. This musical hall known as Kursalon Vienna or Kursalon Hubner is situated in the heart of Vienna city which is the capital of Austria.



Kursalon Vienna is a hall that was used for serving mineral water to visitors as it is very beneficial for the body and mind. This great place is situated in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Emperor Franz Josef 1 commanded the creation of this hall in the year 1862. This hall was mainly dedicated to serving mineral water and all sorts of amusements, social gatherings, music, dance, and drama were strictly prohibited there. But in the year 1868, Johann Strauss 2 performed his first music concert. Johann Strauss 2 performed his music concert in the late 19th century. He was accompanied by W.A. Mozart. Some famous pieces of Strauss and Mozart are stored and preserved in Salon orchestra Alt Wien.


The Concert

The concert does not only have songs but also renounced opera singers and ballet dancers. All the music concerts took place in the Kursalon Vienna hall and were about 2 hours including 15 minutes of intermission. There was no specifically mentioned dress code and every person can wear the dress they want to wear. Moreover, there was a wheelchair facility for the one who needs help. There were two types of categories including the normal category which gives only a concert ticket and the VIP category gives a glass of wine during the intermission and a CD of Johann Strauss programs. In this concert, one can enjoy the mesmerizing melodies of Johann Strauss and W.A. Mozart.


This Kursalon hall in Vienna was the hall in which Johann Strauss led his orchestra from the first violin play. The hall consists of A, B, and C sections. A is the front section, B is the middle section and C is the rear section. For the VIP category include the seals in the first two rows. This Kursalon Hall is one of the greatest halls in the world and the strauss and mozart concert is one of the best concerts in the world. It has great historical value.

How to book tickets for concerts in Vienna?


Vienna has always been known as the hub of music lovers and that is the reason it organises some of the best concerts like schönbrunn palace concert every year. If you are headed towards attending one this year, here are the steps to book your tickets quickly and easily. 


1.          The very first thing that you need to do is to find a website that sells the tickets for the Vienna concerts. There you will find a calendar where all the dates of the upcoming concerts would be given. You need to select a date according to your priorities. 


2.          The next step would be to select your seating. Now, you should have this thing in your mind that the seats would be decided on the day of the concert. If you are coming with a companion, you will be given the seat next to each other. The major factor for deciding your seat would be the type of tickets you are buying. 


3.          Once you have selected the tickets, you will now be headed to fill your details. You need to fill that and then proceed towards the payment section. 


4.          There are four ways of doing the payment for the Vienna opera tickets. The first way is to transfer the money through the PayPal app. The other payment options include payment with bank transfer and credit card. Apart from this, there are other apps too with the help of which you can pay for the tickets. You just have to check which app is compatible with the website you are using. 


5.          Now that your payment is done, you will get a confirmation from the website. You need to verify that and then they will confirm your seats. Once your seat is confirmed, you will receive another mail and with that Strauss and Mozart concert tickets are confirmed. 



These were all the steps that can help you with booking a ticket at Vienna concerts for you and your family. Make sure that you are booking your tickets from an authentic website. The emails that you receive are a sign of authenticity. 


Vienna Opera tickets Provides an Opportunity to Be a Part of Age - Old Dramatic Music


An opera is an act or form of theatre that uses dramatic music as the way of expression. It is quite distinct from a music theatre which is where musicals take place. The Vienna state opera is a world famous opera company based in Austria and was established in 1869 under the presence of the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I. Since then the Viennese stateopera has gained fame and success becoming one of the most famous opera houses in the 21stcentury.

The Viennese orchestra:

The members of the Vienna Philharmonic considered one of the finest orchestras are selected from the Vienna state opera. The seating arrangement and the architecture were intended to revive the renaissance atmosphere and based on its popularity you can surely admit it has succeeded.

The Vienna state opera:

It provides the best quality orchestras and concerts and thus is usually in a great demand for Vienna opera tickets. As a result of these demands the prices tends to go very high as far as 100 pounds a person and sometimes as low as 60 pounds. The price also varies for the quality of the seats that depends on how close or far it is from the stage and many similar issues.

Soaring price of the opera tickets:

Another reason the Vienna opera tickets prices tend to go high is during carnival or festival time when operas are a popular tourist spot. However if you wish to avoid not getting enough tickets there is the official website that lets you buy the tickets days or even months away from the event. The Vienna state opera supports active involvement or the presence of everyone who desires to see or visit the opera so the team strive to provide you with the tickets of your choice.

Types of tickets:

In average there are 7 types of Vienna opera tickets : A,B,C,D,E,F,G. These tickets range from the most expensive i.e. A to the least expensive i.e. G. as I have stated above the prices vary due to the position of the seats but the service is similar to the other tickets.

The Vienna state opera is one of the finest opera houses and is currently under the direction of Dominique Meyer who himself is an accomplished politician and economist. Under him the Vienna state opera has found fame and success not unlike previous directors. The Vienna state opera strives to provide you with the best services and the best quality of music.

Kursalon Vienna: The place to be for music lovers

Kursalon Vienna is a beautiful and magnificent construction that belongs to the capital of Austria. The constructors did not plan for it to be a grand and magnificent construction but it turned out to be this good. They intended it to be a place where the visitors would get served with the healing water. Instead, it turned out to be a place where the visitors sat and heard the concert in amazement. Excellent and breathtaking orchestras are conducted in this beautiful place. Its name was considered and decided according to the healing water motive, Kur" which means "spa treatment” in the German language.

It was after Johann Strauss II that the Kursalon Vienna underwent changes and his concert made it famous to the extent that it is in today’s date. People started calling it a music venue after he had his performance and it got appreciated to a great extent all over the world. If you ever get a chance to visit the kursalon Vienna, please do not leave the chance. It is a historic culture of the city and people tend to specially visit the city to have a look at it.


Talking about the current state of kursalon Vienna, it is in great condition because of its caretakers. It has got 4 ballrooms that have been separated and divided on 2 individual floors of the kursalon Vienna. There are more than 300,000 visitors every year and it hosts around 500 concerts every year. All the concerts turn out to be famous and grand.

There is a famous statue of golden color which was constructed in the year 1921 and was as beautiful as it was in 1921 until 1935. In 1935, it underwent some major loss and destruction and it had to be removed from its place. The statue was playing the violin and as highly appreciated by every visitor that visited that beautiful place. The renovators renovated it and it was put back in its place in 1991 and looked even grander. It still stands there tall and beautiful and has become a selfie spot for so many visitors.

Sounds of Strauss and Mozart at Kursalon Vienna


Johann Garber launched the Kursalon Vienna within 1865 to 1867. It had been made with the manner of Italian Renaissance. So on after couple of decades of its establishment, the Kursalon became famous because of its splendour bringing visitors to undergo musical delight. In addition, Johann Strauss Jr. utilized to play orchestra from the halls of Kursalon. An individual can quickly go back at enough time where people are able to listen to classical classical music daily.

"Alt Wien" is arguably among the better actors of classical music in Vienna. He's instilled the crowd with his very best compositions from John Strauss"Waltz King" along with other musicians of the same category. Fantastic opera singers, extra average musicians and stunning ballet fans present a day that's filled up with the charm of Vienna.

The waltz became famous in the 19th century due to Johann Strauss. Celebrating the masterpieces of the classical music of Strauss, additional talented musicians like Mozart became became popular at the halls of both Kursalon.

The VIP booking comprises chairs reserved from the first two chairs in the hallway together with a glass of juice and wine at the period. More over, the VIP guests can also receive a CD of both John Strauss and also a booklet of this programme.

Even the kursalon vienna is dependant on a historical setting by which viewers can picked their chair which range from back, mid front and VIP seating structures. The performances participate in distinct categories like ballet dancing, opera singing along with watch musicians.

The length of the performance is just two hours along with the final moment of this concert will be 10pm. Confirmation of this concert is provided during the right time of booking.

Special arrangement is good for those who have disabilities like accessibility of wheelchairs. The dresscode of this concert makes sense apparel the most acceptable to get a day setting. But no permissibility to shorts, jeans and shoes.


Enjoy World-Famous Classical Concerts in the Schonbrunn Palace


Strauss and Mozart concerts at Schonbrunn Palace in a royal ambience, an evening like never before! The Schonbrunn festival symphony orchestra enacts Mozart’s world-famous music in Vienna’s world-class much known Schonbrunn Palace.

  • Experience a world-class magical evening in a royal world-famous classical concert
  • Cherish the glorious pieces of Strauss and Mozart staged in Schonbrunn Palace concert Music Festival.
  • Hear the soulful duets, polkas and overtures accompanied by two beautiful dancers

What all included:

Concert tickets are available for all categories

For the VIP category: A glass of juice or champagne during the intermission

Event Details:

Palace Orangery awaits you with Schoenbrunn Palace Festival Orchestra where once Mozart himself played in 1786. The musical performance is a fabulous selection of supreme music of Strauss and Mozart rounded off by vocal performances and dance. From the time of the foundation of grand Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts, the regular performances of the splendid Schoenbrunn Palace gala Orchestra hold an important function in Vienna’s musical and cultural life. Schoenbrunn, a place full of tradition in the Orangery, the Schoenbrunn Palace Festival and Schoenbrunn Palace gala Orchestra altogether performs the most pleasing tunes of the timeless composers Wolfgang Amadeus Johann and Mozart Strauss.

Key Information

  • The total duration is of ca. 1:45 hours which includes 15 minutes intermission
  • Location: Orangery Schonbrunn (on exceptional days place of concerts may change to white and gold room or Great Gallery of the Schonbrunn Palace)
  • Public Transport: Schonbrunn station, Metro line U4
  • Dresscode: No particular dresscode mentioned
  • Accessibility: one can access Wheelchair

Other necessary information

VIP category receives the best seats, 2-3 rows in front, added during intervals they are served a glass full of sparkling wine. Seating position corresponding to categories – C: rear section, B: middle section, A: front section, VIP: first two to three rows. Seats are not numbered within the categories.

The large Orchestra along with singers and ballet dancer performs starting from 1st April till 31st October, as well as 25th December till 2nd January. The smaller collectively (octet) together with singers and ballet dancers performs from 3rd January till 31st March and again from 1st November until 23rd December.

Benefit as much as possible from Your Evening with a Strauss and Mozart Concert

Vienna is a city known for its rich culture and history. Continuously found on any well-voyage person's must visit list Vienna has discovered a position of incredible regard and thankfulness in every one of the books of history. On the off chance that you have a preference for music and end up searching for approaches to make the most of your nighttimes with music then we have a stunning open door for you! 
The Kursalon Wiena or the Lanner Hall has a rich history which spins around music and craftsmanship. Johann Strauss II drove the symphony at this very spot. What's more, the most ideal approach to respect his memory is by arranging a night for music darlings with a Strauss and Mozart show. This show will incorporate the accompanying viewpoints as well! 
A version of the well known tunes of Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Mozart. 
Performance by the eminent Salonorchester Alt Wien alongside show artists and ballet performers. 
You can appreciate the night in a casual way with a glass of shimmering champagne or that of juice. 
On the off chance that you pick the VIP area of the seats you will be given a program booklet, a CD comprising of renowned Johann Strauss tunes and a fantastic view for the exhibitions of the night. 
To appreciate a show one of the most significant perspective is that of the mood of the corridor. The Lanner Hall which plays host to this Strauss and Mozart Concert is known for its awesome and enchanting environment. The representatives work nonstop to give the perfect measure of solace and enjoyable to their visitors. 
Another significant perspective to remember is that of the guest plan inside the lobby for the Strauss and Mozart Concert. The classifications and costs of the plans are as per the following: 
VIP Section 
The VIP Section covers the initial two columns of the lobby and is valued at 99.00 € for each seat. It likewise gives you advantages like the Johann Strauss CD, a program booklet and a glass of champagne as referenced previously. The seats are numbered as well. 
A and B Section – 
The An area comprises of the front segment and is evaluated at 69.00 €. While the B area comprises of the rest of the seats valued at 59.00 €.

Listen To the Melodious Sound Of Waltzes That Overflows the Kursalon Vienna


Kursalon Vienna is a historical venue. It is historical in the sense that at this exquisite place, the Waltz King i.e. John Strauss himself deserved special means in directing his orchestra from a position popularly known as “First Violin.”

Strauss and his historic performance

Therefore the concert can be also defined as Strauss Concert Vienna. The melodious orchestra of Strauss II and its effect had an everlasting effect on the mind of the Viennese people that continued though ages and is still reflected through the presentation of Salonorchester Alt Wien who is renowned as one of the best interpreters of classical Viennese music at the same venue where the Waltz King presented the people of Vienna with his historical performance.

Importance of Salonorchester Alt Wien

The Salonorchester Alt Wien with the power of his genius presents an evening replete with Viennese charisma.

He makes the event more enjoyable thereby adding a number of contents displaying the classical musical compositions from Mozart and Strauss’noted works. Beside the pleasing sound of waltzes, the lovely melody of duets, polkas and arias adds to the Viennese appeal. Here lies the significance of Mozart and Strauss Concert

One is lost in a world of music

The concert also presents operetta with the melodious appeal of the piano concerto that will take one (who has a fascination for classical music) back to the time of Wolfang Mozart for some time through the melodic waves.

Accompanied by this are outstanding opera singers. Enjoy the songs of these vocalists who are none but lead singers of Vienna. You will be mesmerized on listening to their songs. They will enhance your expectation to such a level that you will crave for more! The concert also presents enchanting performance by Viennese ballet soloists.

A ballet soloist is a soloist dancer. Dancers of this genre present a performance of the majority of the solo with minor roles associated with a ballet, for instance Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. Thus, don’t miss the chance to witness all these grand performances.

You will have the feel that you have stepped in a musical world which belongs to a different era. Vienna’s classical music exposes itself as a dynamic firework presentation for all of your senses!

The Strauss and Mozart Concert in Kursalon Will Go Down In the History Book


Several men and women book a specific place in their heart for quality opera. But for a layperson opera might well not end up being an attractive suggestion, as it needs an comprehension of music to appreciate it completely. From the present environment, of multiplexes and IMAXs, famous brands stunt and broadways lost a lot of its own charm. The current generation finds 3D pictures more interesting than the usual traditional day at an opera.

Vienna is well known to all as a birthplace for classic stunt, where the likes of Johann Strauss and W. A. Mozart performed a number of these favorite musical bits. Fortunately, for people that have finally got the indestructible love for opera music, then here is a opportunity to get yourself a taste of strauss along with mozart concert. The venue set for case has its own name surfaced in the annals publication when Johann Strauss himself directed his orchestra inside this venue from the very first violin position.

The closest one can become part of historical night:

The event place to happen in Vienna is a Strauss and Mozart concert, where the new generation opera artists will cover their tribute to these stalwarts. The big event will include some of the most useful stunt artists and ballet fans for this app set to occur in the early place termed kursalon vienna. The event will ensure all of its traffic have one memorable night filled of glitz and magic with a dash of Viennese charm.

The seating arrangement at the hallway:

The tickets provided online and most of the stunt lovers can rush into the official website of the occasion, and also eventually become part of this historic night. The VIP seats offered at the portal site will take its buyers to the very first two rows of the concert hall. Even the VIP seat holders may have served with a glass of amazing Viennese wine during the intermission like a token of admiration. The price tag on these VIP chairs may possibly come at a fantastic price; fortunately, for people not likely to devote that type of money can go together with other options. The entire hallway got split into three sections, and each department comes at various prices.

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